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Duncan Hallas – Towards a Revolutionary Socialist Party (1971)

An excellent essay by Duncan Hallas (International Socialism/ Socialist Workers Party U.K.) from 1971 on the conditions and goals of creating a genuinely internationalist and revolutionary socialist organization. Honestly a must read. Duncan Hallas – Towards a Revolutionary Socialist Party … Continue reading

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Revolutionary Crisis, Lenin today, and Daniel Bensaïd (‘Leaps, Leaps, Leaps’ essay excerpt)

“The revolutionary crisis appears as the critical moment of the possible resolution, where theory becomes strategy: ‘History in general and more particularly the history of revolutions is always richer in its content, more varied, more many-sided, more alive, more ingenious … Continue reading

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Victor Serge on Stalinism

“It’s permissible to use the word treason when a man does, against his brothers, his party, and his people, the opposite of what he promises. The Bolshevism of 1917-1927 wanted a socialist regime founded on the democracy of labor and … Continue reading

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