Donny Gluckstein’s 7 Lessons on Fighting Fascism


“Today the world is covered by developed forms of capitalism. Crisis in various forms is endemic. In its struggle to resist both exploitation and paying for the crisis, the working class is still the greatest threat facing the system. Although less rapidly than in the inter-war period, politics are being polarized everywhere, with Nazi-type groups growing on an international scale at the same time as worker militancy.

But there is no inevitability of fascist rule. The lessons of the past can be used to create a different future. Some of these lessons are summarized below:

(1) Fascism is not same ‘third way’. Its ideas are a grotesque and exaggerated expression of capitalist ideology, with its elitism and contempt for ordinary human beings. Its most pernicious expression is racism.

(2) It works within the context of capitalism to preserve, by the most brutal methods, the dominance of the system and to secure it from internal threats.

(3) Yet fascism is not a ruling class conspiracy. It seeks to create a mass movement out of the misery and despair that capitalism engenders, directing that energy down paths harmless to the ruling class.

(4) The Nazi leadership uses democratic structures in order to build up support; but unlike other parties, its fundamental purpose is to destroy any form of democracy. Therefore, it cannot be treated in the same way as other democratic parties. There must be no platform for fascists.

(5) Constitutional safeguards and parliamentary rules are no defense against fascism. If the crisis is deep enough, and the ruling class sees no other way out, it will allow the Nazis free reign.

(6) Since fascism is rooted in class society, the most effective resistance comes from that class which has the most to lose – the working class. Its life experience and position in society tend to engender forms of solidarity and collective action that are the very opposite of Nazism.

(7) While political differences exist within the working class, the different currents within the movement need to unite in combating the common deadly enemy. An active united front to oppose Nazism is a vital tactic.” …


“The threat of fascism will remain as long as capitalist society remains. Therefore, the only way to abolish it forever is to overthrow capitalism itself. The choice is socialism or barbarism!” – Donny Gluckstein (1999), The Nazis, Capitalism, and the Working Class.

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