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Not a Tea Party, a Confederate Party

Originally posted on The Weekly Sift:
Tea Partiers say you don’t understand them because you don’t understand American history. That’s probably true, but not in the way they want you to think. Late in 2012, I came out of the…

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Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow!

“I was born in 1968 I was born in ’68 And im born again! Fresh face for the stenciled walls. Debord is always right here And get scared again-’cause i’m reborn. I am reborn red! red! red!” – Victory is … Continue reading

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Another case of the pot calling the kettle black: a settler-colonial experience.

 “Even terror organizations should obey the basic rules of right and wrong. However, Israel is not coming to the discussion with clean hands. Its prestate undergrounds – Hashomer, Haganah, Etzel (the Irgun ) and Lehi (the Stern Gang ) – … Continue reading

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The Deir Al Zour Intifada against Daesh

Originally posted on Leila's blog:
A convoy of Deir Al Zour residents to support the Shueitat resistance. Via: Yalla Souriya Syrians have repeatedly shown that they refuse to accept the tyrannies of either Bashar Al Assad or any extremist…

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Universalizing Settler Liberty: Jacobin Interview

Originally published on Jacobin by Nikhil Pal Singh interviewing Aziz Rana America is best understood not as the first post-colonial republic, but as an expansionist nation built on slavery and native expropriation. Over the last decade, interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere have led … Continue reading

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The risk of another 1937

Originally posted on Michael Roberts Blog:
Financial markets responded to the news of US economic growth jumping to a 4% annual rate in Q2 2014 by selling off. The reason was that faster growth in the economy would imply an…

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Marx on what characterized the dawn of capitalism

“The discovery of gold and silver in America, the extirpation, enslavement and entombment in mines of the indigenous population of that continent, the beginnings of the conquest and plunder of India, and the conversion of Africa into a preserve for … Continue reading

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