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Finally Got the News

Documentary on the League of Black Revolutionary Workers and Dodge Revolutionary Movement (DRUM) in their labor struggles in the late 60’s in Detroit. Excellent documentary of radical organizations to look at for an example for what is to come.

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Dialectics of Liberation

Dialectics of Liberation International Conference in London, July 15th-30th, 1967. Kwame Ture [Stokely Carmichael] tears Allen Ginsberg apart in this conference in London ’67 on the question of violence.

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The Corporation

Excellent documentary surrounding the dark history surrounding the creation of the corporation as an inherently undemocratic institution and entity. The documentary goes through not only what exactly a corporations are [“artificial creations, one might say a monster, trying to devour … Continue reading

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Most CIA interventions on record pre-1973 in Greece and Italy

From the Power Principle by Scott Noble, a clip on the United States (and Britain) supporting and reinstating fascists in Greece via monarchy against the left resistance that ran the country autonomously as form of communism separate from both Moscow … Continue reading

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The Power Principle – Empire [Full]

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Counter-Intelligence: The Company

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Capitalism Hits the Fan: A Lecture by Richard Wolf on the Meltdown

Besides the absurdities of Richard Wolf stating that Apple and Microsoft where Marxist democratic workplaces manned by Republicans and forgetting the significance of the largest debt next to credit card debt, student debt, this video is a pretty solid breakdown … Continue reading

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The Battle of Algiers

Full video provided in French; for English or other languages, go to captions and select your language. Fantastic movie of the anti-colonialist struggle for a free Algeria with excellent cinematography and writing. Wiki Description: “The Battle of Algiers (Italian: La … Continue reading

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The War You Don’t See (2011)

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Salt of the Earth (1954)

So last week I watched this beautiful film for the fist time in class. It’s about the Empire Zinc Strike in the 1951 New Mexico, where it was one of the first of its’ kind to advance a feminist social … Continue reading

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