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Stephen Bannon Ain’t No Leninist; We are.

Whenever I read mainstream press analysis on Breitbart’s Stephen Bannon, I always come across this quote that he alleges he is somehow a “Leninist”. The quote, often going something like this: “I’m a Leninist,” Mr. Bannon was quoted as saying … Continue reading

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Modern imperialism and the working class

Originally posted on Michael Roberts Blog:
The IIPPE workshop in London on modern imperialism, organised this week by Simon Mohun, Emeritus professor of political economy at QMC London University, was highly appropriate for two reasons. First, it brought together those…

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So You Think You Can Take Over the Democratic Party?

Instead of spending the next 10, 20, 30, or 60 years trying to take over a party that has demonstrated its rank hostility to leftists and their vision for a new world, why not begin the process of building a … Continue reading

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Reminder: Mainstream media is concentrated and owned by 6 companies in a country where the top 20% control 95% of the economy. These 6 companies control 90% of the news that is pumped out and are usually intertwined with law … Continue reading

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Same Argument, Different Decade

“Then, as would be expected, the District of Columbia unit of the NAACP urged removal of the mural because the slave picture reflects on race and color of Negroes, thus encouraging anti-Negro sentiment. At first blush, this business of commercial, … Continue reading

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The Main Enemy Is At Home! (Leaflet, May 1915) – Karl Liebknecht

Incredibly important historical pamphlet by Karl Liebknecht to the German people during the beginnings of WWI. This sentiment that Liebknecht tapped into, in solidarity with Lenin and the Bolsheviks political line that the main enemy was at home, became popular … Continue reading

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Your Wars, Our Dead (Vos Guerres, Nos Morts)

The opportunism of the U.S. political class is so shamelessly lacking self-awareness that they let a war criminal like Clinton speak on terror. As CBS bangs the war drum with shifting the Democratic debate on how much more we will … Continue reading

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