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The Distinguishing Features of Leninist Political Practice – Paul Saba (1977)

The Distinguishing Features of Leninist Political Practice Introduction We are seeking to practice the scientific approach to politics of Marx and Lenin. Thus the text which follows seeks to elaborate systematically what constitutes a Leninist political practice. Essentially, the objective … Continue reading

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Fifty Years Since Its Founding: 
A History of the Movement of the Revolutionary Left (MIR) (Viewpoint Magazine)

“The legacy is very wide and can be observed in multiple dimensions: political, social, cultural, aesthetic and ethical. I’m going to restrict myself to the political dimension. In that, there are several aspects that we can emphasize. On the hand … Continue reading

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Duncan Hallas – Towards a Revolutionary Socialist Party (1971)

An excellent essay by Duncan Hallas (International Socialism/ Socialist Workers Party U.K.) from 1971 on the conditions and goals of creating a genuinely internationalist and revolutionary socialist organization. Honestly a must read. Duncan Hallas – Towards a Revolutionary Socialist Party … Continue reading

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The Battle of Cable Street (1936)

“How communist activists in london, despite the conservatism of their Stalinist leadership, staved off the anti-Semitic attacks of the British fascist ‘blackshirts’ and their police protectors in 1936.” via Comrade Dorian Bon

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On ‘Force’

“The question of how one group’s understanding of reality, its ideology, appears to prevail over others when it comes to real and effective political power. Depending on who poses the question, it is the problem of social order, of converting … Continue reading

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Dec. 25, 1837: Christmas Day Freedom Fighters: Hidden History of the Seminole Anticolonial Struggle

“This daring Seminole story begins around the time of the American Revolution when 55 “Founding Fathers” broke free of British colonialism and wrote the immortal Declaration of Independence. About the same time, Seminoles—suffering ethnic persecution under Creek rule in Alabama … Continue reading

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Introducing the Self-Management Project – Viewpoint Magazine

“This is exactly the reason why in certain chains and stores, such as Starbucks, individual workers are given supervisory roles with a small degree of managerial power; they lessen the burden on management proper and help to relieve burnout among … Continue reading

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Who Is Behind the “Trotskyist Conspiracy”?

“It is important that the idea of the Trotskyist conspiracy against practical reason, reality, and stability was never popular in late-Soviet society: it did not grow, like the “blood libel,” from the dark superstitions of the mob. It remained a … Continue reading

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Lenin to American Socialists: Struggle for True Internationalism & Against “Jingo-socialism” (1915)

“In our struggle for true internationalism & against “jingo-socialism” we always quote in our press the example of the opportunist leaders of the S.P. in America, who are in favor of restrictions of the immigration of Chinese and Japanese workers … Continue reading

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Revolutionary Crisis, Lenin today, and Daniel Bensaïd (‘Leaps, Leaps, Leaps’ essay excerpt)

“The revolutionary crisis appears as the critical moment of the possible resolution, where theory becomes strategy: ‘History in general and more particularly the history of revolutions is always richer in its content, more varied, more many-sided, more alive, more ingenious … Continue reading

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