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After Dylann Roof: What is fascism?

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How do you spell racist? U.S.A. – The origins of racial domination and wage labour in the United States

*Note: Much of the information used in this piece had been aggregated throughout my class with Vivek Chibber, Capitalism and Democracy, on his lectures specifically on racial domination. Karl Marx in 1875 made an apt observation of the way history … Continue reading

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Was Karl Marx White? And Is He?

Originally posted on The Public Autonomy Project:
By S. D’Arcy There are those who think of Karl Marx as a classic example of the kind of “dead white males” that universities in the West lavish with such rapt attention. But is…

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Ten minutes past midnight

Originally posted on Michael Roberts Blog:
In the early hours of Friday morning, according to the British paper, the Daily Telegraph (DT), five key players in the Syriza government, meeting in the Maximus Mansion in Athens, took an important decision.…

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Party democracy in Lenin’s Comintern – and now

John Riddell How did Communist parties handle issues of internal discipline and democracy in Lenin’s time? An intense discussion now under way within the British Socialist Workers’ Party (SWP) raises issues related to the nature of internal democracy in the … Continue reading

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