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The Leviathan’s Shadow: ‘Accelerationism’, ‘The Dark Enlightenment’, and Late Capitalisms NRx’s Rise

“The life of a man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short” (Hobbes; Chpt. XVIII, Ln. 30) “The thing that is common to all these people, whether it is Pétain mournfully preaching ‘the discipline of defeat’, or Sorel denouncing liberalism, or … Continue reading

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Trumpism: American Proto – Fascism in Motion

“Beyond these simple professions of envy or admiration, the conservative actually copies and learns from the revolution he opposes. “To destroy that enemy,” Burke wrote of the Jacobins, “by some means or other, the force opposed to it should be … Continue reading

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Donny Gluckstein’s 7 Lessons on Fighting Fascism

“Today the world is covered by developed forms of capitalism. Crisis in various forms is endemic. In its struggle to resist both exploitation and paying for the crisis, the working class is still the greatest threat facing the system. Although … Continue reading

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‘Resistance and Opposition’ of Youth Groups resisting Nazis in Germany

Donny Gluckstein on ‘Resistance and Opposition’ within youth groups resisting Nazi Germany’s policies and war effort. “The HJ (Hitler Youth) patrols, and since the very mixing of the sexes was thought seditious, fights were inevitable. Working class youth opposition was … Continue reading

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Patton: Nazi collaboration as business as usual.

General Patton, along with the Dulles Brothers, the Bushes, and other capitalists throughout the United States, held not contempt, but adoration towards the Nazi’s. Patton literally put former Nazi POW’s in charge of formerly imprisoned Holocaust survivors, seeing them as … Continue reading

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