Communication note of the Majority of the Members of the Central Committee of the Youth of SYRIZA

SYRIZA Youth before the election.

SYRIZA Youth before the election.

“The horizon of our actions, however, is not limited by the elections. Moreover, this new political mode neither can nor we want it to be based on a traditional concept that shrinks our political horizon into institutional demands or into changes only through the parliamentary path. We believe that since nothing can be given to us, society must be able to claim everything and therefore we focus on the forms of social organization and the organization of power from below. Following this path, we claim that a break with the Eurozone and the EU acquires left, radical sign and simultaneously becomes a mean to unfold an internationalist strategy by the European working class, far from any sense of national retrenchment or exit from the crisis through the notion of «competitiveness». Besides, we believe that the social-democratic demands and programs of benefits, as well as a limitless productivism, are concepts already swept away from history itself. We need a process involving ruptures and transformations aiming at social liberation. That’s why we think that a strategic debate about «what brought us to this point» without certainties and disclaimers, is necessary, as this debate is a precondition for establishing anything new under the framework of the Left.

The refusal of the young people related to the lack of alternative to the memoranda and capitalist barbarism, is a challenge of historical dimensions for the Greek society and much more for the working classes. The old world dies every day around us. Since the crisis and the decline of capitalism deepens, political powers are becoming increasingly authoritarian by intensifying their own crisis and day by day, across the length and breadth of the world, those that capitalism cannot integrate, those who rebel against exploitation and oppression, those who put the seeds of another model of production and of another society, are becoming increasingly more.

The youth, the working classes, women, immigrants and refugees, the LGBTQI community, are potentially the ‘’yeast’’ of a truly revolutionary social majority. Within this context, the building of the organization of collective resistance in a way that it will be able to truly threaten the existing balance of forces, will be our paramount concern for the upcoming period. Accordingly, regarding our position, we will insist that the issue of building another world remains “on the agenda” the historical task.

The reformation of the radical and anticapitalistic left forces, as necessary condition to broaden and update our plan for the socialism of 21st century, is one of our key objectives in the forthcoming future. Our main concern remains the participation of large groups of the Greek and European youth in such a perspective as well as the existence and the enforcement of strong political frontal movements against the ΤΙΝΑ of rough austerity, We underline the need for the hegemony of a culture of “creative anti-capitalism”, taking full advantage of the knowledge and the skills of young people in a direction of questioning the capitalistic “common sense”. Within this context, we intend to experiment with new forms of organization, less hierarchical and outdated, testing knowledge and experience that we have gained from our active participation in the social struggles, even testing our own selves.

As we were stating in the first manifesto of the Youth of SYRIZA “…in all major historical moments in Greece and the World, the youth was always playing a key role: from EPON (i.e. the organization of Greek youth against the Nazi occupation) and the anti-dictatorship struggle, until the post-dictatorship battles and modern movements. From May ‘68 until the recent uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey and elsewhere. However, we are not looking for heroes, neither for nice stories to narrate when we will grow up. The historical moments of the youth movement in Greece and our collective knowledge, skills and experience give us the strength to continue. These days are days of beauty. There are days that only because we have nothing to lose, we can fight for everything. We are not asking the revival of lost promises of neoliberalism. We have the willing to be part of a process that goes far beyond us and therefore it completes us: the construction process of our new world, the world of dignity and solidarity… «. Following this course, we shall continue.” – [36 of 71 members of the] Central Committee of the Youth of SYRIZA.

Source: Kill TINA [Youth of SYRIZA] in English


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