IS in the 60s: May 68 and after


How can revolutionaries build an organisation from tiny beginnings? Colin Barker played a key role in the development of the International Socialists in 1960s Manchester. In the final part of this interview with Colin Wilson, he talks about the political developments of the late 60s – the women’s movement, fighting racism after Enoch Powell and the impact of the revolutionary explosion in France in May ’68.

Workers students united we will win - Paris 1968 Workers students united we will win – Paris 1968

You’ve mentioned lots of people, but virtually all of them are men. That’s presumably one of the biggest differences from now? What role did women play in IS?

By ’67 we were recruiting young women to our branch, women were joining. But the first few years that I was in the IS, I think there was only one woman who was a member who wasn’t somebody’s wife or girlfriend. On the whole, women played…

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