IS in the 60s: two thousand workers with bricks: the Roberts-Arundel strike

How can revolutionaries build local groups from tiny beginnings? Colin Barker played a key role in the development of the International Socialists in 1960s Manchester. In the first two parts of this interview with Colin Wilson he’s described joining IS at university, and then making links with workers and anti-racist campaigns in Manchester. In this third part he talks about a key event for Manchester IS, an engineering strike six miles away in Stockport.

Roberts Arundel march Workers march in support of the Roberts-Arundel strike

In 1966 a strike started in Stockport, at an engineering factory called Roberts-Arundel, over union recognition. It was an American-owned company, making textile machinery. Around 140 workers were sacked because they went on strike – protesting, actually, against the employment of women on machines that had been shipped in, the management said, “we don’t have to pay the same wages on these machines as we used to, we’ll employ women…

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