IS in the 60s: linking up with Manchester workers and fighting racism


How can revolutionaries build an organisation from sometimes tiny beginnings? In this second part of an interview with Colin Wilson, Colin Barker recalls how IS grew in 1960s Manchester – making links with engineers and building workers, and campaigning against racist police violence.

Trafford Park apprentices on strike in the 1960s Trafford Park apprentices on strike in the 1960s

I came to Manchester in the autumn of ’63. I was the only member in Manchester, the nearest member, Ray Challinor, was in Wigan. I was on my own, and when you’re on your own there’s not much you can do. I organised a meeting about South Africa in the Students Union with two white Communist Party members who had escaped from jail and got out of South Africa, they were touring the country talking about apartheid. We got quite a big meeting, which I persuaded the professor of sociology – who was South African – to chair.


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