IS in the 60s: Building a revolutionary group from the ground up


How can revolutionaries build an organisation from sometimes tiny beginnings? Over the next four days we’ll be publishing an interview with Colin Barker by Colin Wilson that provides some answers to that crucial question. Colin Barker joined the International Socialists (IS) while at Oxford University in the early 60s, and played a key role in building the group in Manchester. His experiences are relevant and inspiring for anyone building the left today – but they also took place in a very different world, where strikes were commonplace, the Communist Party dominated the left and the role of women in the movement involved making the tea.

Today’s piece describes how IS grew from tiny beginnings at Oxford University, and what drew people to the group.


When did you join the IS and why?

I was a student at Oxford. In my second year, 1962, it so happened, a complete accident, there were two members in my…

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