A Short History of Trotskyism in Japan

Throw Out Your Books

“Trotskyist” is a word rarely heard in Japanese leftist circles these days and not so long ago it was commonly used as an insult. This was especially the case with the Japanese Communist Party (JCP), which employed the term to disparage its upstart New Left rivals in the post-war period. But who were the Trotskyists?

In March 1956 Fourth International in Paris urged activists in Japan to form a local branch of the Trotskyist network. This challenge was taken up by former and current members of the Japanese Communist Party, who had grown disillusioned with the Party. In July 1955 the Sixth Japanese Communist Party Congress saw the JCP embrace peaceful and legal means to revolution. It was a major turning point and the reaction was the birth of the New Left in Japan.

fourth international japan trotskyist factionNihon Torotsukisuto Renmei (Japan Trotskyist League)

The Nihon Torotsukisuto Renmei (Japan Trotskyist League) was formed in…

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