Anything but to protect and serve

The police, not so-called ‘crime’, has been the key actor of violence these days on the mainland of the American empire. Being a system constructed to control the working population and the private interests of our economic structure, capitalism, we have seen this institution do anything but. It should be suspicious and suspect that during times of all time lows of “violent crime” we have seen an utter explosion of prisoners in the United States, where the prison population has spiked since the 1970’s from half a million to 6,977,700 under “correctional supervision” and 3 million in prisons. With a prison system that rivals that of other historic and catastrophic work camps, what is so outlandish that institutions that perpetuate this process are not corrupt to the core themselves?

“We should organize to rein in the police and to redirect the resources that go into law enforcement toward education or jobs–anything else but the cops. But no matter how hard we try, nothing will ever change the unfair, unjust and biased way they operate–because the police are the first line of defense for maintaining a massively unfair, unjust and biased system.” – Marlene Martin,


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