“The United States of America is awesome”


A report on the CIA’s use of torture between 2001 and 2006 was released on December 9, after five years of investigation, $40 million and heavy redactions. Suhail Ilyas examines the report’s conclusions.
Cc. image courtesy of The U.S Army

In an act of confession, the government of the United States has released a 500-page report describing torture carried out by the CIA during the War on Terror. But the confession is incomplete, an “executive summary” of a 6700-page study. The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the body overseeing the investigation and report, has chosen to keep the full document classified. This is unsurprising, as the Senators involved generally support the War on Terror, and Dianne Feinstein herself, chair of the committee, supports the drone strikes which have killed thousands since the onset of the war. The confession is also unsatisfactory, with little prospect that the guilty will be made to…

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