The Sony Hack Was Cool, and Good.

“American cinema is liberal at best, fascist at worst, with the dividing line between the two growing ever blurrier. Good movies from major studios happen in spite of the system, not because of it, and the ones that work get bastardized into franchises and “event movies” so quickly you forget the magic ever happened.”

Interrogating the Reel

Please, take me seriously. Please, take me seriously.

Sony Pictures has been hacked, and you are supposed to feel sorry for them.

Well, all right, feel sorry for the releasing of personal information: Social Security numbers, medical records, things with no business being in the public eye. And feel sorry for those threatened, both by said releasing and by direct threats against their person.

Putting those aside, though, and putting aside the salacious details of which executive or producer dislikes which actor or director, trivialities reported endlessly as a result of a cyberattack from parts unknown — this is the best thing that could have happened to Hollywood.

We’ve learned that despite whatever pretensions to the contrary, Hollywood remains, at its core, racist, misogynist and with enough new ideas to fill a thimble. But not a regular thimble. One of those thimbles you’d put in dollhouses. We’ve seen the inner dealings of a…

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