Orlando Núñez on the FSLN’s “legal, clandestine, unionist, and subversive” tactics in the Sandinista Revolution


“In our countries [in the “third world”], all forms of struggle are necessary; all the sectors involved can be brought together in practice; all the experiences can be built upon. We are faced in our countries by great historic and cultural limitations. The objective conditions are not the same level as the projects we dream of; and in the beginning stages of the struggle, the proletariat does not present itself as the social force for transformation par excellence. Furthermore, the doctrinaire parties have not been able to become the political nucleus of a revolutionary organization. Given these conditions, revolutionary ‘purism’ must cede to the concrete possibilities for a coherent struggle led by that revolutionary organization which dedicates itself to the destruction by force of the apparatus of power of the established order. The politics of the unity of the Sandinista revolution meant the utilization of all the forms of struggle – legal, clandestine, unionist, subversive. It signified politics based on alliances with [proletarian] hegemony guaranteed by the FSLN. That is to say, the FSLN guaranteed the hegemony of an armed organization, ensuring the development of the struggle in favor of the working classes …” – Orlando Núñez



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