Golden Dawn’s failed coup’ plan.


Oh, you don’t fucking say? Turns out Golden Dawn (Neo-Nazi party in Greece) not only had fairly extensive links to New Democracy while doing it’s “not so secret” arms trading and human trafficking, but as well it turns out this frightening party “slaughtered sheep to practice knife techniques, carried around bazookas, and was training to “break into parliament with tanks.” Down with fascism!

“Even so, it now looks like the links between Baltakos and Golden Dawn were gravely underestimated. According to the most recent revelations, from further recordings Golden Dawn itself has leaked and phone records intercepted by government investigators, Baltakos was more than a sympathetic ear. Not only did he publicly suggest that New Democracy form a coalition with Golden Dawn in order to attract right-wing voters, but he was also in contact with Golden Dawn’s MPs, directing them how to vote on crucial matters in parliament, essentially aligning them with the coalition’s goals.

A series of text messages between an unnamed aide acting as a link between Baltakos and Kasidiaris contain instructions for various votes on matters ranging from drug policy to military schools. They also show that Baltakos sent his “congratulations” on the behavior of the party’s MPs in the parliament, including on one instance when a Golden Dawn MP, during an argument on the floor, called members of the opposition party Syriza “goats” and “filthy” people before getting kicked out of the chamber. Throughout, the text messages show a familiarity between the two politicians: “Takis … came in and wants to see you,” one of the messages read, using the secretary’s first name. The problem is that Baltakos was not just anybody inside New Democracy: He was close with Prime Minister Samaras and his personal advisors.” – Greece’s Neo-Nazi’s were scarier than we imagined.


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