The “Moderate Muslim”

Mohammad Mosaddegh

“In each of these, I merely concede the Maher and Harris definition of moderation as a rhetorical act. That definition is of course loaded with assumptions and petty prejudice, and bends always in the direction of American interests. But I accept their definition here merely to demonstrate: even according to their own definition, American actions have undermined “moderation” at every turn.

None of these various crimes are controversial as matters of historical fact; they all happened, and no serious person disputes them. I could name a dozen more American crimes that have substantial evidentiary basis, but I will restrict myself to these widely-acknowledged events. These are not conspiracy theories; this is history. But neither Maher nor Harris will spend much time considering this history at all. They have plenty of time for history when it comes to their narrative of a bloodthirsty and expansionist Islam, but none for America’s century-long history of exploitation and violence against the broad Muslim world. You get no credit for iconoclasm for pointing out that the United States and other Western powers have destabilized Muslim countries as a matter of habit for longer than any individual Muslim has been alive. Pointing out that American Muslims have faced constant hate crimes since 9/11 does not get you shout outs from the conservative cesspool media for “telling it like it is.” No one will call you a free-thinker for mentioning that a prominent rabbi can call for war on Islam in an Atlanta synagogue without drawing critical attention from the media. Asking Americans to grapple with the indisputable history of their government’s conduct in the Muslim world does not give you the opportunity to celebrate your tough guy, anti-“political correctness” bona fides. But it is what actual rationality requires.” –Fredrik deBoer, The United States and the “Moderate Muslim”


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