Settler-services: Israel ramps up it’s secret war against Palestine Liberation on US Campuses

So-called reservists photographed. Via

Israel wages war on Palestinian Liberation groups across campuses in an orchestrated crackdown. Zionists begin to shed the ‘liberal’ language and resorting to base siege mentality and show their actual motives: crushing any form of dissent against the so-called state of Israel and its exclusive identity.

“Using this summer’s massive call-up of IDF reserves as a model, JAFI began to conscript its “reservists” and, with emergency funding from Jewish Federations of North America, pressed 20 former Israel Fellows back into its ranks. The reservists themselves are happy to serve and have taken off between two weeks and a month from their “civilian lives” to return to campuses in North America.” – Times of Israel, Reservists called up for next Hamas frontline – US Campuses, Sept.22, 2014 by Amanda Borschel-Dan

As well the fraternity Zeta Beta Tau was contacted by the Jewish Agency to deploy dozens of Israeli soldiers to US campuses on two-year propaganda mission as well as to intimidate pro-Palestinian activism.

Pictured: Leaked memo encouraging “fear-mongering” against campus Palestine activists. Picture via Electronic Intifada.”

“ZBT should set an example by ending its institutional backing for Israel’s abuse, degradation, humiliation and worse of millions of Palestinians.” via Electronic Intifada 

“We have a deep concern about the safety and well-being of Jewish students and members of organizations on this “Day of Action.” We encourage you to contact your college or university in advance of this occasion to ask officials to put a stop to any unlawful protests or hate crimes and to fulfill its obligation to protect students.” – ZBT internal Memo 

Electronic Intifada continues to reach leaked sources of Israeli state infiltration on American campuses with having paid spies and activists attempt to stifle not just campus wide debates, but as well as institutional and academic. According to Intifada:

“Several dozen Jewish Studies professors from universities and colleges in the United States and Canada have condemned the Amcha Initiative’s program of “investigation” of students and academics.

Amcha, a right-wing Zionist organization which claims to “investigate, educate about and combat anti-Semitism” at higher education institutions in North America, has previously been exposed by The Electronic Intifada as having spied on students.” – Via Electronic Intifada 


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