Revolution and War

Nian Rebellion in China (1853 – 1868)

“Since the commencement of the eighteenth century there has been no serious revolution in Europe which had not been preceded by a commercial crisis. This applies no less to the revolution of 1789 than to that of 1848. It is true, not only that we every day behold more threatening symptoms of conflict between the ruling powers and their subjects, between the State and society, between the various classes; but also the conflict of the existing powers among each other gradually reaching that height where the sword must be drawn, and the ultima ratio of princes be recurred to. In the European capitals, every day brings dispatches big with universal war, vanishing under dispatches of the following day, bearing assurance of peace for a week or so. We may be sure, nevertheless, that to whatever height the conflict between European powers may rise, however threatening the aspect of the diplomatic horizon may appear, whatever movements may be attempted by some enthusiastic fraction in this or that country, the rage of princes and the fury of the people are alike enervated by the breath of prosperity. Neither wars nor revolutions are likely to put Europe by the ears, unless in consequence of a general commercial and industrial crisis, the signal of which has, as usual, to be given by England, the representative of European industry in the market of the world.” Revolution in China and Europe, June 14, 1853.

“Revolution and War” – Collection of Marx’s New York Tribune Articles

Marx in the New York Tribune 1852 – 1861

More of Marx and Engels Journalism


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