“Party Riots”

Mainstream society in the U.S. is slowly imploding with honestly the most fragmented and strange array of politics or lack there of. As Ferguson continues to remain under military occupation, and fights are beginning to become much more regular and coordinated against the fascistic-ally inclined “border patrol” agents, we as well have begun to see a strange development, middle-class and predominately white students rioting surrounding parties pretty much removed from contemporary life in secluded college towns. So yeah, who wants to talk about U.S. stability again?

“If apathy is sitting on the couch all day, nihilism is setting your couch on fire.” — Bethy Squires, The New Nihilism

“Over the course of 9 months, at least thirteen U.S. college celebrations devolved into large-scale riots resulting in untold numbers of arrests, police injuries, and burning couches. But who were these students, and what the hell were they rioting over anyway? Could this really have been the work of the “True Beliebers” that Fox and Harris predicted almost two years ago? Was pop music really the catalyst that turned block parties into full-blown riots?”

“This perfect storm of cognitive dissonance, apprehension of the future, “I Don’t Care”-esque nihilism, insurrectionary media spectacles, and a healthy amount of alcohol is all it took to push these occluded students to negate the social expectations associated with their social strata and take extraordinary criminal risks (Inciting a Riot, Arson, Assault of a Law Enforcement Officer, et cetera) towards self-sabotaging their own careerist futures.” – 2014: A Year of Pop Music and Party Riots


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