Most CIA interventions on record pre-1973 in Greece and Italy

From the Power Principle by Scott Noble, a clip on the United States (and Britain) supporting and reinstating fascists in Greece via monarchy against the left resistance that ran the country autonomously as form of communism separate from both Moscow and the West in 1954. This tactic was used frequently by the United States and other Western intelligence groups post-WWII to reinstate various far-right dictators across the recently freed European nations (not under Soviet control). They did this to prevent decentralized left-wing governments running their own countries in areas en route to Middle Eastern oil/trade as well as workers running their own factories/ economy. This possible example of a third-way involving socialism from below was such a threat that the West saw it as a necessity to reinstate the exact same people they had just defeated in the largest war to date.

Another clip that follows this one has excellent footage of Italian Communists in the 50’s and 60’s. In this clip Chomsky explains that Italy in fact (to our knowledge based on released documents that ended in 1973) was a site of the most CIA interventions in any country. Italy as well at this time had one of the largest and strongest left-wing presences amongst the general population.

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