Iraq – Syria Update: Mosul fell with 500 men, not 3,000

ISIS militants in Mosul

Damning investigation surrounding the fall of Mosul to the ISIS, where it has become more and more apparent that ISIS has relied on the failings of the Iraqi states lack of resources more than anything else for it’s success. Mosul’s defense in reality did not include 3,000 men, but 500.

The sectarian state constructed by the U.S.’ occupation had denied any assistance from the Kurds due to a lack “of trust” although they had remained the main police force amongst corrupt and unwilling military squads. A serious lack of resources, morale, and personal by the U.S. installed Iraqi government created the perfect storm for ISIS’s ascension and ability to tear through Iraq with essentially what amounts as an army full of ‘neckbeard’ sectarians.

“An investigation by Reuters shows that higher-level military officials and Maliki himself share at least some of the blame. Several of Iraq’s senior-most commanders and officials have detailed for the first time how troop shortages and infighting among top officers and Iraqi political leaders played into Islamic State’s hands and fueled panic that led to the city’s abandonment. Maliki and his defense minister made an early critical mistake, they say, by turning down repeated offers of help from the Kurdish fighting force known as the peshmerga.

Gharawi’s role in the debacle is a matter of debate. A member of the country’s dominant Shi’ite sect, he alienated Mosul’s Sunni majority before the battle, according to the provincial governor and many citizens. That helped give rise to IS sleeper cells inside Mosul. One Iraqi officer under his command faulted Gharawi for not rallying the troops for a final stand.”

“The first line of Mosul’s defense was the sixth brigade of the Third Iraqi army division. On paper, the brigade had 2,500 men. The reality was closer to 500. The brigade was also short of weapons and ammunition, according to one non-commissioned officer. Infantry, armor and tanks had been shifted to Anbar, where more than 6,000 soldiers had been killed and another 12,000 had deserted. It left Mosul with virtually no tanks and a shortage of artillery, according to Gharawi.” –  Special Report: How Mosul fell – An Iraqi general disputes Baghdad’s story

Aftermath of the fall of Mosul


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