Egyptian Students Carry on the Battle against the Counter-Revolution

Since October 11th, Egyptian students have taken to the streets to take a stand against U.S. backed dictator and military general Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi. El-Sisi, well funded by the West and heralded for being democratic, desires to push the counter-revolution forward in Egypt with violent police repression and legislation to force students to “not to participate in political activities”.

Egyptian revolutionaries and dissidents continue to face increasing and violent political repression. Revolutionaries such as Mahienour El-Masry [] and 100s of students this semester throughout Egypt defy the militaries terror campaigns, only to push for rights surpassing that of the Arab Springs victories, yet they continue to suffer the consequences of the U.S. backed regimes determination to roll back any gains of the initial Egyptian revolution in 2011. Students, workers, and activists must stand in solidarity with Egyptian revolutionaries challenging El-Sisi’s tyranny and against the U.S.’s continued sponsorship of these totalitarian states that only ensure the lack of democracy, rather than the promotion of genuine power to the people.

“More than 100 students have been detained since the start of the school year on October 11th. Video shot by student activists has shown images of protestors teargassed and brutalized by baton-wielding riot police.”

“The sad truth behind all this is that the U.S. has always been a committed enemy of democracy in Egypt. Apart from a few short weeks in 2011 when global media coverage of popular demonstrations in Cairo’s Tahrir Square made such a position politically untenable, the U.S. has consistently supported Egyptian dictators willing to align with American policies in the region – particularly support for Israel and Gulf Arab dictatorships.”

– Source: Intercept – “Egypt’s U.S-Backed Military Regime Is Brutalizing Student Protestors” by Murtaza Hussain []


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