A quick note on the YPG, sexism, and the left.

Because this has been a littile bit of an issue with certian leftists and revolutionaries relating to Kobanê…

“Denying women their agency, or right to take charge of their own lives, is to reject the opportunity for them to challenge and change their situation as women. Far from adopting a straitjacket position that regards nationalism and feminism as irreconcilable, women strategically use their participation in national liberation movements and struggles to further their own status in society, as well as to safeguard their gains during and after the national struggle. It is important to note here that this anti-essentialist definition of feminism should be rooted in the inclusion of women who are situated in various ethnic, class and other structures. This has been a major blind spot of western feminists, who too often ignore the inequalities in class and ethnic differences.

The main motivating reason for women participating in armed combat stems from their politicization due to direct exposure to state violence and the need to protect their communities, where the private and public domain are expanded and become blurred. The image of armed women oscillates between sexual objectification and demonisation. It is bound to the concept of gendered heroism and socially constructed notions of feminine weakness, which inform heterosexual romance and the desire for a feminized beauty.”

YPG Kurdish defense forces in Kobanê


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