Why does the alleged KC terrorist see Israel as a model for a “White Christian state”?

The Red Fury

Media coverage of this week’s ghastly terror attack at two Jewish centers in Kansas City (which claimed the lives of three people) has mostly overlooked a pretty revealing detail about the politics of alleged killer Frazier Glenn Miller :

As Max Blumenthal points out on Mondoweiss, the neo-Nazi and former KKK Grand Dragon has “advocated the formation of an ethnically-exclusive white state in the Deep South” – and in the introduction to his self-published autobiography, Miller praises Israel as the model for his proposed white supremacist state.

Blumenthal zeroes in on this passage [Emphasis mine]:

Our Race is barely 8% of the world’s population, and even that figure is dropping fast. And we produce only about two percent of the infants. We buy twice as many caskets as cradles. Great future, huh?

But, on the other hand, look at Israel, where four and a half million Jews are surrounded by a billion Muslims. Armed…

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