WSN Op Ed Live: Israel and Palestine Conflict – NYU SJP’s Kumars Salehi debates AIPAC student affiliate, TorchPAC

As pressure begins to rise amongst college campuses surrounding Palestine solidarity work by students, NYU has begun to take the opportunity to take part in a larger and more public conversation about the realities of the occupation and of the so-called ‘peace negotiations’. One is able to see NYU’s very own Kumars Salehi takes on many of the new ‘hasbarra’ campaign talking points, that far right Zionist groups such as TorchPAC love, where they focus on topics surrounding “development”/”innovation” of the Israeli economy, the mythical acceptance/liberalism of Israeli society, and the “fair deals” that the Palestinian Authority [not actually representing grassroots Palestinian voices for justice] have stepped away with. Anyone with an even surface level understanding of Middle Eastern geopolitics recognize that these points that TorchPAC replicates are not only not present within reality, but are as well talking points that have been exhausted in past upsurges of conflict between aggressing Israeli’s and Palestinian resistance. Moving forward, knowing that many of these myths of the supposed 12 Arab Knesset members (conveniently leaving out the visceral racism and intimidation in Knesset towards such Arab members like Haneen Zoabi), ignoring U.S. aides assistance in upholding this settler colonial state , under-skirting the growing racism and imprisonment of ethnic minorities such as African refugees from Sudan and Eritrea, and ultimately forgetting ultimately the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinian and their identity on a daily basis through this occupation, we are beginning to see larger and larger openings for Palestinian right activists to really begin making a legitimate space in the leftover vacuum in the constantly in flux nature of campus politics.

NYU TorchPAC Vice President Laura Adkins and Students for Justice in Palestine member Kumars Salehi discuss the conflict between Isreal and Palestine and its effects on our campus. Deputy Opinion Editor Omar Etman moderates the video, which was filmed and edited by Emilio Madrid-Kuser.

Washington Square News Op Ed Live: Israel and Palestine Conflict

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