International Socialists and Ukraine

Marxists of the International Socialist tradition have been discussing the Ukrainian question for the first time in decades. Leon Trotsky advised that the “foremost place in this discussion must belong to the Ukrainian revolutionary Marxists. We shall listen with the greatest attention to their voices.” Unfortunately that cannot be said to be the case of some who consider themselves of the IS tradition, who have adopted views which diverge from previous approaches, with no consideration at all to the view of Ukrainian Marxists! This was not always the case. The Socialist Review Group published a number of articles by exiled Ukrainian Marxists who had developed their own theory of state-capitalism in the 1950s, and who in turn translated several chapters of The Nature of Stalinist Russia (1948) in their paper Vpered! (‘Forward!’) in 1950. It is a book in which Tony Cliff positively wrote of the controversial wartime Ukrainian Insurgent Army, a movement which is ironically now cited as justification by some for their refusal to oppose Russian imperialism. History features a great deal in the discussions on the Ukrainian question today, yet amongst those from the IS tradition there had been no engagement with the Ukrainian question for decades. The SWP once published an International Discussion Bulletin, which in 1977 carried an analysis by the émigré Ukrainian Marxist Victor Haynes (Jarko Koshiw), author of Workers Against the Gulag (Pluto 1979). As a contribution and effort to introduce comrades to the Ukrainian question it is republished here in full. Chris Ford

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