Žižek: What Europe should learn from Ukraine

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14.03.31_Zizek_Maidan_5By Slavoj Žižek.

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One should look upon the forthcoming European elections against the background of the recent events in Ukraine. The protests which toppled Yanukovich and his gang were triggered by the government’s decision to give priority to good relations with Russia over the integration into the European Union. Predictably, many Leftists reacted to the news about the massive protests with their usual racist patronizing of the poor Ukrainians: how deluded they are, still idealizing Europe, not being able to see that Europe is in decline, and that joining European Union will just made Ukraine an economic colony of Western Europe sooner or later pushed into the position of Greece… What these Leftists ignore is that Ukrainians were far from blind about the reality of the European Union: they were fully aware of its troubles and disparities, their message…

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