Platypus Files: Platypus on Palestine or, “Racism Has a “Rational Kernal””

Providing other perspectives from my last post on the Platypus interior bulletins, this one includes Chris Cutrone justifying his view that it’s rational to treat Palestinians differently for they do not have a bourgeoisie (utterly false) and that they are uncivilized thus their combat for “self determination” had “produced a world much worse than before”. Check out this vile racist shit. 

Chris Cutrone (president and founder of the Platypus Affiliated Society) on Israel-Palestine:

‘Now I am going to say something for internal consumption only (this is perhaps a “closeted” position): At this point, the only hope that the Palestinians have is in and through Israel, precisely as a “settler colonial state,” not independent of, let alone opposed to it. Just as the only hope for Native Americans has been through integration into the U.S. Of course the degree to which the U.S. was racist it failed as bourgeois society — as is true of Israel today. Now, precisely the problem is that Israel doesn’t “want” the Palestinians. 

So the Palestinians are indeed quite vulnerable. But the rational kernel of such racism is that “they are not like us,” i.e., the recognition and rejection of non-bourgeois forms of life. We must defend this rational kernel of bourgeois subjectivity obscure to itself, rather than the Ben Lewis et al.’s perspective of assuming everyone is always already bourgeois, anthropologically. They’re not. Bourgeois society is a fragile achievement, not natural. It is a society, not an individual matter. And it is the only possible basis for progress in freedom. 

It is necessary to think (but not necessarily to come out and say) such things now in ways not necessary for Marx, Lenin or Trotsky. But we must emphasize the necessary basis for bourgeois emancipation, even as it disappears from under our feet. This is what the “Left” cannot abide, and hence why it is “dead.”

The 20th century, the century of struggles for “national self-determination,” failed miserably, and utterly, and produced a world much worse than before: Israel-Palestine is a prime example of this on-going failure.’

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